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Grilled pork tenderloin medallions

Recipe by:Richard Slusarz
Grand Hyatt, San Francisco


  • 3 pieces pork tenderloin, 2½ ounces each
  • 6-8 thick potato sticks, 1/2" X 1/2" X 4" long, fried crisp
  • 1 small crispy onion
  • 2 ounces fig jus (reduced sauce from figs)
  • 3 ounces braising greens
  • Rice flour for breading of onions
  • Fig sauce for presentation


Trim pork tenderloin and cut medallions. Season with salt and pepper. Grill.

Peel, cut and blanch potato sticks; deep fry till crisp.

Slice onions thin and dredge with rice flour; deep fry till crisp, drain on a paper towel and hold.

Saute braising greens, set aside and keep warm.

Assemble plate as shown and drizzle with fig sauce.

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