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  • Carrot apple slaw with orange and cranberry

    Rebecca Katz describes this colorful salad as "a ping-pong match of opposites: crispy and chewy, tart and sweet, fruits and veggies, with lots of shredding creating the slaw consistency."

  • Chocolate cherry walnut truffles

    "Man cannot live on kale alone," is a quote Rebecca Katz borrows from a psychologist friend and is as good a justification as any to enjoy dessert in moderation. Here's a healthy choice.

  • Cozy lentil soup with delicata squash

    This hearty soup can be on the table in less than an hour. Marin County food expert Rebecca Katz says it's not necessary to soak lentils overnight; just a quick rinse will do.

  • Golden roasted cauliflower

    "Roasting cauliflower completely transforms it into a candy-like delight that yields to a gentle fork," said Marin County cookbook author Rebecca Katz. "The spices make the dish sing."

  • Kale quinoa salad with red grapes

    Salad superstar kale joins with quinoa, mint, parsley, cumin and coriander, plus the sweet crunch of red grapes.

  • Velvety Mediterranean gazpacho

    These festive shots of nutrition are easier to make than you might imagine. Toss everything—vegetables, herbs, spices, olive oil and a bit of maple syrup—into a food processor and start the party.

  • Beet salad

    Sweet meets savory in this deliciously simple salad—roasted beets and mixed greens lightly dressed with vinaigrette and sprinkled with goat cheese. Toasted pumpkin seeds add a tasty crunch and a burst of flavor.

  • An Eastern standard

    Cool off this summer with a refreshing cocktail from chef Jonathan Rollo!

  • Shishito peppers

    The best appetizers pack serious taste sensation into bite-sized packages, and this dish doesn't disappoint! "Sautéed shishitos are great to nibble on with drinks, and they're insanely easy to prepare," says chef Adam Tortosa.

  • Beet salad

    This beet salad highlights seasonal fare and gets depth from aged goat cheese. Citrus options include pixie tangerine, and cara cara and blood oranges. The hazelnuts lend an earthy undertone that balances nicely with the beet.

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