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  • Broccolini with Fresno peppers, brown butter and almonds

    Enjoy a delicious side dish featuring broccolini.

  • Fig and turkey sandwich

    Jazz up your turkey sandwich with figs and whole grain mustard! This recipe is fresh from the kitchen of Hollywood chef Jonathan Rollo.

  • Cucumber basil martini

    Here's a martini recipe that will remind you of a day at the spa. Shake up this delicious cocktail and relax today!

  • Kale yeah salad

    This isn't called the "Kale yeah salad" for nothing! In fact, it may be the best kale salad ever, thanks to a handful of California-grown ingredients that make this a simply satisfying meal.

  • Summer burrata salad with shaved squash, apricots and rosemary vinaigrette

    Pair up summertime fruits and vegetables to make this mouthwatering salad!

  • Watermelon refresher

    Mint, cucumber, lime and watermelon pair nicely for a fun, healthful way to help keep you hydrated. Tip: The nutritional value of watermelon is highest right after it has been cut, before refrigeration. The white part of the rind is good for you, too!

  • Fire-roasted peppers

    It's fun to roast your own peppers, says dietitian Timaree Hagenburger, especially when your garden or farmers market has a bumper crop. "Once roasted, they can be enjoyed in all sorts of dishes, including sandwiches, grain salads, pasta dishes, dips, sauces and salsa!"

  • Summer garden salad

    Sometimes the simplest of salads have the most to offer. Here, nectarines are the star of the show on a bed of baby greens, with cheese and pistachios to liven things up.

  • Apricot pistachio chardonnay sandies

    Dense, buttery sandies are similar to shortbread cookies. This version, from the kitchen of Napa bakery owner Alexis Handelman, incorporates the unique taste and texture of grapeseed flour.

  • Grandma's apple strudel

    This recipe, from Laurie Figone's grandmother, is one of her most requested. It's delicious served warm with vanilla ice cream.

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