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  • Shrimp, avocado and mint ceviche

    This ceviche, created by Napa Valley chef Chris Mortenson, is spicy, but the avocado balances the flavor and provides a creamy texture. Eat with tortilla chips for a refreshing snack or serve as a light, healthy appetizer.

  • Timaree's sweet vanilla dip

    Think vanilla, think caramel, think creamy and sweet…. Now, make this recipe! That's the advice of dietitian Timaree Hagenburger, who created this dip from 100 percent whole food. It's great with sliced apples or on nut butter sandwiches in place of jelly.

  • Oven-roasted baby carrots with mole sauce

    In this unique take on a Mexican mole sauce, chocolate is substituted with black garlic, an ingredient that offers a creamy texture and a sweet, umami-rich taste.

  • Pork chops with bourbon glaze and cauliflower puree

    Tired of bland pork chops? Give them a flavorful kick by adding some bourbon! Here, Chef Ben Mattman shares his sweet and savory roasted pork chops with bourbon glaze and a cauliflower puree.

  • Pickled grapes

    Pickled grapes is one of San Francisco chef Carlo Espinas' favorite condiments—perfect on a platter of cured meats, as a garnish to a roasted meat dish or in a chicken or fruit salad.

  • Sun-dried tomato pizza

    "This pizza incorporates the flavor profile of my favorite ingredients: sun-dried tomatoes and pesto," says Sacramento chef Fabrizio Cercatore. "It is one of my favorite pizzas to make—and eat!"

  • Garlic popcorn with turmeric

    Garlic popcorn is one of dietitian Erin McCarthy's favorite family traditions and a fiber-rich snack she describes as both "addictive" and "truly my comfort food."

  • Kale and egg breakfast bowl

    "This dish is packed with nutrition, but also combines great texture and flavor," Erin McCarthy said. "I could eat it every day, and nearly do."

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