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  • Baked artichokes with provolone cream sauce

    Who doesn't love artichoke and spinach dip? In this recipe, Chef Matt Molina deconstructs the crowd-pleasing dish and takes it up a notch to make an elegant and enticing appetizer.

  • Cherry and orange sweet treat

    Who knew a recipe this simple could taste so good? Freezing cherries during harvest season—which typically begins by mid-May—allows you to enjoy them year-round and also gives the dish a sorbet-like texture.

  • Chopped salad

    Mixing the flavors of the Napa Valley with those of Central Mexico, Chef Chris Mortenson puts his own spin on a chopped salad.

  • Cheesy tater tots

    A childhood favorite grows up in this dish! Chef Luke Knox shares a fun and simple recipe to make your own tater tots at home.

  • Frozen fresh tomatoes

    This ridiculously simple technique will allow you to stow away some of your summer harvest. You can freeze a few tomatoes at a time or an entire tray full—depending on the size of the current tomato bounty (and your freezer space)!

  • Oven-roasted tomatoes with garlic

    Roasting intensifies the flavors of the tomatoes, garlic and herbs and tastes wonderful on zucchini boats or toasted whole grain artisan bread. It can also be used in place of fresh or canned chopped tomatoes in nearly any recipe.

  • Kale, mango and avocado salad

    Here's a tangy twist on eating your greens! Check out San Francisco chef Ben Mattman's recipe.

  • Tamale pancake with barbecue chicken

    Chef John Ledbetter's tamale pancake with barbecue chicken is almost like deconstructed tamale served with guacamole, cilantro cream and tortilla strips. The whole corn kernels in the pancake offer an excellent texture and the flavors in the dish marry beautifully together.

  • Beet salad

    Sweet meets savory in this deliciously simple salad—roasted beets and mixed greens lightly dressed with vinaigrette and sprinkled with goat cheese. Toasted pumpkin seeds add a tasty crunch and a burst of flavor.

  • Chard and kale salad with oregano vinaigrette

    This is a protein-packed salad with fresh flavors.  Chef Karrie Hill says, "Quinoa combined with fresh ingredients and a warm vinaigrette make a healthy and filling salad! And besides, who doesn't like the tastes of bacon and eggs that this dish delivers on?"

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