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  • Broccoli and cheese

    Turn cheese spread into something spectacular by stirring in beer and serving over broccolini!

  • Collard green wraps with quinoa and lentils

    Lightly steamed collard greens make an excellent wrap for a delightful, savory filling of your choice. Be sure not to overcook the collards, as they will be perfect after only 90 seconds to two minutes of steaming.

  • Cucumber basil martini

    To make this refreshing spin on a martini, chef Jonathan Rollo muddles basil and cucumber the same way he'd mash the ingredients for a mojito. Then he pours in soju (a distilled, vodka-like rice liquor) and some fresh lemonade.

  • Spinach salad with pomegranates

    Say goodbye to the boring side salad with this bowl of crisp baby spinach, sweet pomegranate seeds and tangy goat cheese. Drizzled with a fig balsamic reduction, this salad is a healthy feast of fresh and seasonal ingredients.

  • Broccolini with Fresno peppers, brown butter and almonds

    Enjoy a delicious side dish featuring broccolini.

  • Mari cocktail

    This cocktail celebrates regional Spanish cuisine and culture with a splash of California cuisine and winter citrus mixed in!

  • Fig and turkey sandwich

    Jazz up your turkey sandwich with figs and whole grain mustard! This recipe is fresh from the kitchen of Hollywood chef Jonathan Rollo.

  • Swirly Bing cherry and yogurt ice pops

    Life is more than just a bowl of cherries. It's cherries in salads, main dishes, beverages, desserts and more. This summer, beat the heat with colorful ice pops that can be made with red cherries only or a mixture of both red and lighter-colored Rainier cherries.

  • Baby back pork ribs

    One important tip from restaurateur Marty Wells: "Make sure the ribs are skinned so the smoke can penetrate the whole rib." He recommends using hickory, white oak or pecan wood.

  • Barbecue baked beans

    Add some smoked brisket or pork trimmings to the beans for an authentic barbecue pit flavor.

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