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  • Beet salad

    This beet salad highlights seasonal fare and gets depth from aged goat cheese. Citrus options include pixie tangerine, and cara cara and blood oranges. The hazelnuts lend an earthy undertone that balances nicely with the beet.

  • Sourdough pancakes with fried Brussels sprouts

    San Francisco chef Lucas Knox says these sourdough pancakes pair well with sweet items as well as savory ones, like Brussels sprouts.

  • Guacamole with homemade tortilla chips

    One of Southern California's hottest Mexican restaurants gives us their family recipe for everyone's favorite party dip featuring California avocados!

  • Warm baked Brie

    How can you possibly improve on the warm, soft, cheesy goodness of baked Brie? By slathering it in poached cranberries and pecans, adding radicchio and serving with perfectly toasted bread! Chef Gayle Pirie shows how.

  • Mac and cheese with picada sauce

    Sausalito chef Ryan Kacenjar offers a different take on everyone's favorite: mac and cheese. He suggests using ear-shaped orecchiette pasta for the recipe because "their shape allows them to capture a ton of cheese!"

  • Cauliflower horseradish gratin

    Carmel chef Brandon Miller shares a popular recipe that uses cauliflower stems and florets.

  • Chilled avocado cucumber soup

    Creamy, zesty and cool, this soup is so simple to make, you don't even need to measure the ingredients. The flavors work well together even when the ingredients vary a bit in amounts.

  • Chocolate pearl smoothie

    Customers of Stehly Farms Market in San Diego often head directly to the juice bar before tackling their grocery-shopping list. Here's one of the market's most popular beverage choices. Cheers!

  • Cilantro garlic lime dipping sauce

    This sauce doubles as a vegetable dip. Roasting the garlic mellows its flavor.

  • Frozen fruit cups

    These icy treats top off a meal or can be enjoyed as a healthy snack during summer, when fruits are at their peak. Make an extra batch and freeze them until you crave them again—which won't be long!

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