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  • Lemon bars

    These rich, luscious lemon bars taste best after they've been chilled--if you can wait that long!

  • Lemon blueberry bread

    Blueberries add a juicy burst of color to lemon-yellow loaves.

  • Lemon pie cookies

    Easy as pie? That's a perfect description for these cookies!

  • Kohlrabi salad

    This simple kohlrabi salad gets its flavor from crunchy fried capers and the salty Grana Padano cheese.

  • Farmers salad

    The San Diego Zoo and San Diego Zoo Safari Park buy high-quality produce and meats from California farms and ranches—not only for the animals, but also for human visitors.

  • Warm carrot salad with grains and ricotta

    Combine slightly nutty, warm, grain-like wheat berries with salty ricotta, then add carrots—and you have a tasty salad that is both healthy and filling!

  • Fish tacos with avocado and mango slaw

    Take this Mexican mainstay to the next level, thanks to Chef Ben Mattman! He adds fresh produce and a chipotle crema to the classic fish taco recipe to create a light, yet zesty meal.

  • Fog City grilled broccolini

    Looking for a new way to jazz up your vegetables? Chef Bruce Hill says grilling them adds a delicious caramelizing effect.  Stir in a little garum, or fish sauce, for a subtle kick, and your broccolini will be singing with flavor!

  • Anise hyssop ice cream

    Anise hyssop, a perennial in the mint family, adds a refreshing flavor to vanilla ice cream. Substitutions include mint, sweet marigold, lemon verbena and lemon balm.

  • Savory vegetable beignets

    Use your favorite combination of vegetables and herbs for these fritter-like bites, such as carrots, kale, asparagus, fennel, fennel fronds, parsley, thyme and chervil.

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