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  • Cucumber basil martini

    To make this refreshing spin on a martini, chef Jonathan Rollo muddles basil and cucumber the same way he'd mash the ingredients for a mojito. Then he pours in soju (a distilled, vodka-like rice liquor) and some fresh lemonade.

  • Stone fruit bread pudding

    An easy but decadent take on bread pudding using fresh summer fruits, from San Diego chef Paul Murphy.

  • Cauliflower tabouli

    Cauliflower is a versatile and important vegetable, as it is a member of the cruciferous family, touted for its cancer-preventing properties. Here's a way to serve cauliflower in place of a grain, which might surprise your taste buds!

  • Shishito peppers

    The best appetizers pack serious taste sensation into bite-sized packages, and this dish doesn't disappoint! "Sautéed shishitos are great to nibble on with drinks, and they're insanely easy to prepare," says chef Adam Tortosa.

  • California avocado frozen yogurt

    Reader and 2014 recipe contest winner Kim Kelly tried avocado ice cream about a year ago, and although initially hesitant, said "the first bite had me hooked." She describes her version, made lower in fat by using light coconut milk and nonfat Greek yogurt, as "a confection worthy of guests."

  • Chinese homestyle fried rice

    Nearly all sushi made in the U.S. uses California-grown rice (hello, California roll!). In addition to the traditional Japanese dish, here is another recipe you can make using California rice—from rice farmer Sandy Denn.

  • Crispy vegetable spring rolls with Thai peanut sauce

    Chef Ed Glebus uses a baseball analogy to describe how to make spring rolls. How cool is that?

  • Dried Fuyu persimmons with blond chocolate and sea salt

    Sonoma County chef Todd Knoll says the presentation alone makes these little delicacies perfect for dinner parties—or even an unexpected surprise in your holiday cookie exchange.

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