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  • Beet salad

    This beet salad highlights seasonal fare and gets depth from aged goat cheese. Citrus options include pixie tangerine, and cara cara and blood oranges. The hazelnuts lend an earthy undertone that balances nicely with the beet.

  • Sourdough pancakes with fried Brussels sprouts

    San Francisco chef Lucas Knox says these sourdough pancakes pair well with sweet items as well as savory ones, like Brussels sprouts.

  • Warm baked Brie

    How can you possibly improve on the warm, soft, cheesy goodness of baked Brie? By slathering it in poached cranberries and pecans, adding radicchio and serving with perfectly toasted bread! Chef Gayle Pirie shows how.

  • Chard and kale salad with oregano vinaigrette

    This is a protein-packed salad with fresh flavors.  Chef Karrie Hill says, "Quinoa combined with fresh ingredients and a warm vinaigrette make a healthy and filling salad! And besides, who doesn't like the tastes of bacon and eggs that this dish delivers on?"

  • Fish tacos with avocado and mango slaw

    Take this Mexican mainstay to the next level, thanks to Chef Ben Mattman! He adds fresh produce and a chipotle crema to the classic fish taco recipe to create a light, yet zesty meal.

  • Vegetarian cowboy beans

    Here's a fun recipe for beans with a surprise ingredient that will perk up your taste buds! It's a favorite of San Francisco chef Carlo Espinas.

  • Cabbage salad with apples, fennel and pine nuts

    Raw cabbage with fresh apples is a classic pairing. For a refreshing salad, toss them together with some shaved fennel bulb, a bit of sour cream, apple cider vinegar, blue cheese and toasted pine nuts.

  • Chipotle chili beurre blanc

    This sauce is the perfect accompaniment to oysters, either barbecued on the grill or served raw. A zippier version of a classic French sauce ("beurre blanc" means "white butter"), it can also be a terrific addition to fish and light meats, and pairs well with a glass of sauvignon blanc.

  • Grilled cabbage with lime dressing

    Cabbage on the grill? Yes! Ventura chef Rachel Main Holst says adding char to the vegetable enhances its naturally sweet flavor. Drizzle with a Thai dressing and suddenly cabbage becomes a showstopper.

  • Jordan nigiri with wild mushrooms and grilled New York steak

    Nigiri is a type of sushi—traditionally sticky rice that is pressed or molded into a ball or triangle, then covered with a vinegar-based sauce and wrapped with thin slices of fish or vegetable. Chef Knoll uses a similar technique, but serves it with thin slices of grilled steak.

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