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March/April 2017 California Bountiful magazine


Veg out

One more reason to feast on fresh fruits and vegetables: In a move championed by the American Heart Association, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has revised rules about which foods can claim to be heart-healthy. Before, produce such as grapes, plums, beets and cucumbers didn't meet the minimum levels of certain nutrients to qualify for the claim, while avocados didn't meet the "low fat" requirement. Now, all fresh fruits and vegetables can boast their role in a heart-healthy diet.

We (heart) farmers

Californians don't just talk about "farm to fork"—we put our money where our mouth is. A U.S. Department of Agriculture survey found California leads the country in number of farms selling directly to consumers, retailers and institutions. We also top the list for value of direct sales of farm goods—everything from fresh fruits, vegetables and meats to bottled milk, cheese, wine and jams—with $2.9 billion in sales in 2015. That's one-third of the national total and more than six times the sales of Michigan, the No. 2 state.

Unbeatable blooms

Perched just below the Oregon border, Del Norte may be one of the smaller counties in the state, but it's a giant in the flower world. Most of the nation's Easter lilies are grown here, on just a handful of family farms. The region provides the perfect climate for growing the classic white flower. Careful tending and the use of greenhouses help growers encourage the July-flowering bulb to bloom just in time for the celebration of its namesake holiday. Read the story from our archives.

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